Digital, E-commerce, Marketing & Technology independent consulting and development services
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How SWAT can help you?

SWAT works with businesses and organizations of all sizes from digital strategy to full project delivery. Before anything, we want to understand your current situation, your real problems! We want to understand your vision, your goals, your IT structure, your business needs and technical requirements. From there, we are in a position to identify relevant market opportunities and to assist you in developing your strategic plan. This plan will serve as a basis to stand out in your industry. Upon request, we move on to the next steps, which are to design and develop the components of your digital ecosystem. Here are the areas of expertises on which we define and build what is right for you.


E-Commerce /


Business and Technical requirements analysis

Strategic briefing and planning (B2C & B2B)

Strategic recommendations (Digital strategy, Ecommerce, Web, mobile, application, innovation, personalization tools, appropriate functions and features)

Client support (Digital Strategy / Ecommerce, Business Process Optimization)

On-demand Design and development (UX, content strategy, Web / mobile design, front-end and back-end development)

Technology selection (Best fit platform, solution comparison, B2C & B2B Ecommerce, CMS recommendations)


Marketing /

Relationship marketing strategies

Acquisition and lead generation (Multi-platform content marketing strategies and tactics including email marketing setup)

Search Engine Marketing strategies and tactics (SEM, PPC)

Search Engine Optimization strategies and tactics (SEO)

Social Media Optimization strategies, content creation and management (SMO)

Small advertising campaigns and media buying (On demand)

Digital Analytics consulting services (Optimization)

Neutral help and support to choose and implement the best fit solution for:

- Email Marketing platform

- Marketing automation platform

- CRM (process analysis and appropriate solution recommendation)


Consultancy /


Digital, Ecommerce and IT consulting (B2C & B2B)

Business processes analysis and recommendations

Ecommerce backend (ERP, Order management, product database, inventory management, Internal and external logistics, warehouse management, shipping and handling, payment and delivery solutions, customer service)

Help in the selection of the best suited solution according to your needs

Neutral Assistance in the selection of solution providers

Ensuring synergies and collaboration between Marketing and IT

Main sectors : Retail, tourism, manufacturing, distribution, pharma, health, sports (gym), aeronautics, entertainment, public services